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During her career, she has worked for Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Roche, Medicure, Scios, DiaDexus, The Medicines Company, Cardiovascular Labs Inc., and Vibrant America Clinical labs. She was consistently a top performer winning numerous sales awards and has been highly recruited throughout her career.

Her experience working with functionally trained physicians, specifically over the last 7 years, has brought her to the conclusion that a holistic approach to treating health issues is the most effective way to get to the root cause of disease and illness and heal the body. Many diseases can be treated effectively with physician grade supplements that will limit the side effects that often come with pharmaceutical drugs.

Laura is passionate about helping people experience abundant health and has spent her entire career marketing different products that can improve health and even save lives. She holds a BA from Texas A&M University. She’s been married to Dan for over 14 years and has 2 extremely active boys in the Highland Park school district.


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