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Dr. Ravi Patel has been recognized in D Magazine as one of the Best Doctors in Dallas for over 6 years. Dr. Patel has served on multiple hospital committees as well as Chief of Staff for an acute rehabilitation hospital for two years. He has also participated in a medical mission trip to Honduras to provide care to over 1,400 patients.

His journey as a physician, practicing in various hospitals from New York City to Texas, has exposed him to the challenges of the current care of the patient. Dr. Patel has seen that the ultimate care of the patient is by looking beyond traditional boundaries and providing a multidisciplinary approach. His inspiration comes from seeing the value of getting a head start in proper healthcare from a younger age by embracing a more preventative lifestyle. His idea is to focus on the mind, body and spirit with more alternative medicine with the goal of living healthier.

Dr. Patel strives to be a role model to his patients, emphasizing good health along with proper nutrition and fitness. As such, he leads a very active life and loves playing baseball and soccer with his children. Dr. Patel has also found fun ways to incorporate fitness into his family's daily routine and you will often find his children at the gym with him.

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